About Lena

I'm a Los Angeles, CA based Visual Artist & Photographer.

I'm grateful that my work allows me to pursue my passion for travel, learning, connecting with people and documenting it all along the way. I have a lifelong fascination with imagery and was a photography hobbyist in the 1990's. However, it wasn't until 2013 when an event served as the catalyst that led me to reconnect with my passion for art & photography and in 2014, influenced my decision to start my business venture as an independent photographer. 

My business Lena del Sol Art & Photography gives collectors and clients the option to purchase my decor items including photography, artwork and handmade goods online. 

Wedding photography is especially meaningful to me, as I'm intrigued by the unique ways in which human beings demonstrate love and choose to celebrate their union. As a wedding photographer, my goal remains the same each time; to capture my clients day authentically, joyfully + purely. 

The stolen glances, silent interactions, laughter + tears. The moments when people are so present that they're oblivious to being photographed. The wedding photography process is a collaboration between the client + I, and as a deeply clairsentient + empathic person, I too am capturing how I feel about the interactions as well. I'm most comfortable amongst those who are truly able to let down their inhibitions and become transparent. My presence as a photographer is to cultivate an atmosphere to allow for this to happen organically, even amongst the chaotic happenings that accompany the wedding day. 

In addition to my art & photography, I'm involved in a number of projects including Creative Content Marketing & Communications for artists & businesses. Expression through the use of the written word is a passion that's near to my heart. Uncovering untold truths and sharing experiences through the use of written narratives is a form of expression I enjoy. 

I strongly believe my passion for storytelling, my background in the arts and my editorial eye have afforded me a unique perspective, allowing me to create intimate, visual narratives of each moment of the wedding day journey. 

When my schedule allows, I love to teach, work with youth + young adult artists and complete commissioned projects for clients. To get in touch about a wedding, please visit my FAQ page and e-mail me at info@lenadelsol.com