LOIZA_ All rights reserved 2015. Lena del Sol Langaigne-818.jpg
LOIZA_ All rights reserved 2015. Lena del Sol Langaigne-818.jpg



"Loíza" by Lena del Sol Langaigne

  • Memories of a drive I took in Loíza, it's mangrove forest and El Yunque
  • 18" x 24" acrylic painting study
  • Original acrylic on sturdy canvas board
  • Designed with universal simplicity, ready to hang in any decor
  • A Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the provenance 
  • This study may serve as the inspiration for a larger custom sized acrylic painting
  • Original works of art are accompanied by a signed Certificate of Title guaranteeing their provenance
  • Story: Located on Puerto Rico’s Eastern coast, Loiza is small, coastal and home to the mouth of the islands largest river;  “Rio Grande de Loiza.” Because of this, the areas’ town plaza was once the epicenter for slave trade during the 16th century. It’s in Loiza that European slave traders and plantation owners bought and sold African men, women and children. The vast majority of enslaved Africans came from West Africa in what is present day Ghana and Nigeria, of the ethnic groups Yoruba’s and Igbos whom the Spaniards considered blacks superior to the Taino, because many showed a willingness to assimilate that the Tainos did not – for good reason.

    This piece was inspired by a drive I took in Loiza, en route to Artist Samuel Lind approximately three weeks ago and by my many hikes in El Yunque. Pinones (located in the municipality of Loiza) is home to a beautiful Mangrove Forest (Bosque de Pinones) coconut groves and lagoons. Mangrove Forests are significant to the areas ecosystems as they stabilize coastlines, waves and tides and help reduce erosion from surges and currents.

    There was a particular stretch of this drive that reminded me of the clusters of Sierra Palms found in El Yunque. Where the countless Sierra Palms seem to form a sort of “umbrella” over the road, causing the sunlight to push through its foliage, casting rays that seem to bounce off the road below and create bright pockets of unfiltered light.  In 1527, the first major slave rebellion occurred in this particular area of the island. It’s been noted that El Yunque was the setting for a number of significant rebellions and battles, since it afforded the best hideaway for both the Taino and African slaves.

    My entire life, I’ve had recurring dreams -- one of which, I’m flying over or walking in what looks to be a rainforest.  It’s been said that what is most significant in dreams is the emotion associated with it, as it reveals what’s happening at that unconscious level.  In each dream, I feel a deep sense of contentment. I feel  HOME.  I find it ironic that a place like El Yunque, with such a turbulent past (at the hands of human beings) is now a place to find solace and tranquility for so many.

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