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Lena del Sol Langaigne

artist. photographer. 

Through my work, I seek to encapsulate the rich heritage, spiritual customs, natural beauty and the flora and fauna that is native to Puerto Rico and designed by God.

The majority of my paintings employ a unique method of painting most commonly known as photorealism; a method which involves numerous thin layers of paint applied to the canvas to build up pigment, saturation and seeks to mimic the natural light we see with our eyes, thus giving the piece a photographic effect.

I was born in Toronto in 1978 and relocated to New York City as a young teen. I had the intention of pursuing a career in the performing arts, instead, having a penchant for children and social service, I chose a career in New York City's non-profit sector which spanned 15 years. After experiencing continual dissatisfaction, boredom and a deep seated unfulfillment, I eventually walked away from the field and in 2014 launched "Lena del Sol Fine Art & Decor", a brand specializing in my fine art pieces, photography of Puerto Rico and distinctly Caribbean inspired decor. I relocated to Los Angeles, CA in July 2017 while spending ample time throughout the year in Luquillo, Puerto Rico with plans to eventually relocate to Hawai’i.

For updates on my work and events, follow me on Instagram + Facebook. To inquire about commissions, working together or to just say hi, feel free to write me at info[at]lenadelsol.com

"Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.." Hebrews 11:1