TIMELINES. 12.11.2016

I found this slide of myself, taken in 2001 at age 23 and while I was what I'd now refer to as "asleep", I also knew something was brewing. I remember in that timeline of my life I'd frequently call out of work and instead spend my day wandering Manhattan, taking photos (on film?!) simply creating and feeling so blissful, as though I was home.

I loathed "working hard" at a job that made no larger contribution to the collective consciousness and didn't value me, my time or my energy. I loathed walls painted with value scale colors like pewter or charcoal grey. Cubicles made me incredibly uncomfortable and the corporate jargon I did NOT and still don't understand (Really. I don't. At all). 

Yet, even then, I've always had that quiet, inner-knowing that I've been placed here -- in this lifetime, in this particular body, this consciousness with these aptitudes, gifts, skills and with this heart of mine for a MUCH larger purpose than any employer could ever fathom. The concept of "work" is meant to be a labor of love; one of service -- and there's nothing hard nor laborious about love & loving -- ever.

Written by Lena del Sol Langaigne.