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Loiza Festival in el Barrio - July 2015

On July 25 - 27th the annual "Loiza Festival en el Barrio" Presented by Los Hermanos Fraternos de Loiza and Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute took place on 105th Street in Spanish Harlem. There were tons of wonderful performances, Bomba y Plena, cultura, musica, art, good food and great energy. This year, the festival honored the Survivors and was held in rememberance of the Victims of the 116th Street explosion that occurred in East Harlem in February 2014 while paying homage to the Elders within the community and with special presentations dedicated especially to them. 

Loiza Festival by Lena del Sol Langaigne
Loiza Festival 2015 by Lena del Sol Langaigne

We had a great time and sold A LOT of art and photography of Puerto Rico! I loved engaging and conversing with each and every one of my customers. Each one was so unique, jovial and had stories to tell! Thank you for the upbeat energy and the many kind words about my art, I'm so grateful. Videos, pictures and MUCH more from the Festival can be seen on the Lena del Sol Art & Wall Decor FACEBOOK page.

Loiza Festival by Lena del Sol Langaigne
Lena del Sol Langaigne & La Bruja_Loiza Festival


Lastly, I was VERY happy to have finally had the opportunity to meet "La Bruja" (Caridad La Luz). A talented, Bronx-bred, Puerto Rican songstress, performer, poet and activist.

If you've never heard of her, check out her bio on IMDB here. Needless to say, her energy was immensely kind, warm and welcoming. More pictures of the Loiza Festival can be found on the Lena del Sol Art & Wall Decor FACEBOOK page.

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