Anyone that’s spent time with me or who has followed me on social media probably knows that while I’m very much a “New Yorker”, I’m also very much not one! You see, I’ve really just adapted. I’m conditioned. My heart lies in anywhere the Sun is shining hard and brightly for the vast majority of the year. I can't stand shoes and layers of clothes. I love the ocean, warm breezes, rocks I can climb, fruit — you get the picture. So, until we actually make the move to Southern California, I’ve committed to seeking out the beauty that lies within NYC. It’s really all about perspective — what we “choose” to see (and not see). I choose beauty and inspiration, and boy did I find some! In my own borough at that:

Queens is not only the largest (geographically) borough in NYC, but it’s also the most culturally diverse. 2.2 million people reside in Queens alone. This was a much needed gratitude walk around this awesome borough and I ended up finding that beauty I was looking for. 

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