mothers day

Mother's day - HER WAY

Can we take a moment to talk about Mother’s day and the woes of all “Hallmark holidays”? You love your mother, mothers’, grandmother, aunt, sister, etc. They’re unique, special and if you could, you’d give them any and everything their heart desires. Yet, Mother’s day is right around the corner and “any” and “everything” you come across are completely generic. 

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the wonderous experience of travel, and the nostalgia a beautiful image from that moment in time quickly evokes long after we’ve settled back into real life. Maybe that special mother in your life is from Puerto Rico and hasn’t been able to visit in ages. She dreams of being back en la isla, overlooking at the mountains of Caguas and the glorious foliage found within El Yunque. This is the reason why I created a collection of beautiful, quality, custom-made calendars, gratitude cards, framed prints and gift sets; all of which are available on my etsy shop here. They’re super cute and such a unique gift that will last well beyond a box of chocolates, a massage or dinner! Check them out below and be sure to visit my etsy shop for details and customization options.